New Technology Outlook 2008

BETT launches us all into 2008 with many decisions to be made regarding the future of ICT in our schools.  This report aims to provide some insight into the views held by schools as to the value, and likely provision, of new technologies over the coming year.  The online questionnaire to our extensive panel of ICT co-ordinators and heads of IT was conducted in early December 2007. The research team obtained responses from 422 primary and 272 secondary schools across the UK.  This report provides a summary of the results and is the latest in a wide range of ICT surveys conducted by the National Education Research Panel (NERP) during 2007. Read the full report here:


In January 2007, Microsoft launched Windows Vista to the education sector. At this time, the majority of schools were making use of Windows XP (see charts below), rather than previous versions such as Windows 2000 or Windows 98SE. Windows XP, has been especially popular for use in laptop computers, where over 85% of laptops used this OS by the end of 2006.   See the full report here: