How to use an Elmo visualiser and wireless slate in the classroom

Pupils at Scotts Primary School have created a film to demonstrate how an Elmo visualiser and wireless slate can be used to support teaching and learning.  Well done to the children at Scotts Primary School and their Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Jan Taylor, as well as Gary Trotter of the Elmo Company for supporting the project.

Visit Scotts Primary School’s website here

For more ideas on how to use visualisers visit the following websites:-

Home Wireless

Another thought while we are at home enjoying half term – home connectivity. BBC’s ‘Click’ had a useful guide to home wireless this week (with a cheesy title!)

The Router to Happiness
Simply turning on the wireless feature of your router will broadcast your internet connection locally using radio waves. This means that if you’re in range of the ‘hotspot’ you can browse on your wi-fi-enabled laptop, PDA or other wireless device. The router’s range is often quoted as up to several dozen metres, but in practice it’s a fraction of that. Placing it high, away from walls, and clear of obstacles will improve coverage.

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