Web Cams and Screens in public areas – live now in Havering!

Web Cams and Screens in public areas –  Live now at Engayne Primary and Crownfield Junior!

How you could use them in your school…

This is such a simple idea. Using screens in public areas like the dining hall or library area, schools display live web cam feeds. The two I have seen recently were Crownfield Juniors use of cams around the world, underneath the plasma screen showing the web cam was a map of the world, and stickers for the children to guess where the cam was from, the cam location was changed each day. At Engayne Primary their cam showed a water hole where the children could watch the animals come and go. I am sure you have all had your internet moment – the one where you knew the internet gave you something you couldn’t have had before. For me it was the first web cam I came across. I’d been given the link and went to look at it at 10am one morning, it was a black screen, I wasn’t much impressed. How dumb was I? The link I had was Miami beach cam, I’d watched night time, and as I returned to the cam at intervals later in the day I watched the sun rise, people walking dogs and families picnicking – my window on the world.If you haven’t looked here are some to try. As with any web site, always check it before showing it to a class.

http://www.earthcam.com/http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/Embryology/EggCamera.shtml – a bit late, but the perfect Easter Cam


Best regards,

Penny Patterson, Havering General Inspector ICT