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 YouTube for Schools Sign up for YouTube for Schools to bring the power of video to your classrooms free of charge. Access thousands of free, high-quality educational videos on YouTube in a controlled environment

Video Central Free to all LGfL 2.0 connected schools Video Central is an easy-to-use web-based solution which allows teachers in London to share video files with students, colleagues, and partner schools. Video files are uploaded using a secure web interface then encoded automatically for fast, efficient web streaming. Video Central can import many popular video file formats, and provides a choice of resolutions and qualities for the output file, and it also automatically generates the HTML code necessary to embed uploaded video files within your own web site or MLE page.

Video Central HD on the way! It is in BETA stage at the moment and can be tried at

The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators

SchoolsTube – Free video content for schools a site developed by teachers for teachers, full of educational video and audio resources. a great place for schools & colleges to store and share teaching and pupil-produced resources. safe secure and totally vetted, all content is pre-checked by our team before being allowed on the website.

Visit the site online and use the content for FREE! a great way to bring your interactive whiteboards to life and add video or audio into your projects. a great digital resource for learning platforms.

True Tube – Youth Issues and Debating Site

Have you come across this youth issues & debating site? There are contributions from a range of people; posting a video allows young people to add to the debate.There are some very considered responses and input from experts and organisations such as Childnet. The current full issue list is: 

 issue01 abortion is our right

 issue02 the internet is better than real life issue03 prison is pointless issue04 feminism 3.0 issue05 peace has no chance issue06 obesity is not so bad issue07 mental health is our biggest worry issue08 there is no real poverty in britain issue09 hiv is not a big deal anymore issue10 cyber bullying is not real issue11 music no longer unites it divides issue12 do we really need a black history month? issue13 size 0 is anorexic issue14 one person cant make a difference to planet earth issue15 never give to a beggar issue16 immigrants will never belong issue17 no good can come from gangs issue18 beauty is more important than intelligence issue19 the world needs more religion issue20 celebrities have a duty to behave issue21 no love no sex issue22 should we have capital punishment in the uk?

Vintage public information films

Classic public information films detailing how to sneeze into a handkerchief and how to board a London bus can be seen at

From ‘Tufty the road safety squirrel’ to ‘Clunk Click every trip’ – these government sponsored films show post war British life

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