Scargill Infant School wins National Video Conferencing Award

Scargill Infant School in the London Borough of Havering have won a Janet Video conferencing Award for the “Best Demonstration of Cost Saving”.

The judges quoted: SIS were recognised for their varied video conferencing programme, which demonstrated significant cost savings. Scargill Infant School has embraced video conferencing and been able to enhance learning across a variety of year groups and subjects. Video conferencing has offered the school scope to enhance learning in more subjects when trips out would have been limited by budget. They have saved over £3000 in coach hire, administration and teacher costs with just 5 visits to UK museums alone! That equates to 648 of mileage saved and 26 hours of travel time.

Kath Keeper, Head Teacher said:

At Scargill Infant School we can link hands with children across the world to improve our understanding of others and their lives. We can share our learning with other children which supports our ability to work together in the future. Through video conferencing this can be achieved at no cost.”

Scargill Infants have travelled three times around the equator in just 12 months through using VC.  The benefits of school to school partnerships are huge via video link, SeniorTeacher Miss Amber Bignold said “Young children relate better to other children speaking and sharing experiences helping each other learn. Through developing children’s communication skills learning about the world comes to life. Video conferencing has built local and national community relations for Scargill Infants and a better understanding of cultures and ways of life, showing the children that their peers, around the world are actually the same as them. Our school no longer feels isolated – through the use of VC the world is now at our doorstep.”

The image above shows children from Scargill Infants proudly holding their trophy and certificate awarded by Janet(UK) pictured with (from the left ), teacher Miss A. Bignold, ICT technician Mrs A. Tyler and Head Teacher, Mrs K. Keeper.

Read more about the Award on Mina Patel’s Video Conferencing for Learning website by clicking here.

The Havering School Improvement Services’ ICT Team would like to congratulate Scargill Infant School on their success.

LGfL ReadingZone Live – brings some of the best children’s authors to London schools












ReadingZone Live is a development of the existing partnership between LGfL and and brings regular Interviews and Live Video Conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to London schools.

Sophie McKenzie, Robert Muchamore, Pete Johnson, Sally Nichols and Alexander Gordon Smith are among the authors who have already joined us for the Reading Zone Live programme, which is helping inspire young people to explore new authors and genres and to develop their own creative writing.
ReadingZone Live: How it works

Each month, a group of LGfL schools are linked with our live author events via video conferencing, with one school’s reading group selected to host the author event. During each event, authors discuss their writing before answering the students’ questions via video conference.

After each event, the curriculum-based resources are added to via the LGfL ‘Reading Zone Live’ website.  The resources include footage of authors discussing their work and creative writing, their inspiration and the issue surrounding writing for a living.

The interviews provide a unique insight into the world of the professional writer and feature questions about books they write and also explore the wider challenges involved in writing as a career. They can be used to help children to appreciate the skills and approaches that professionals take to release their inner creativity and express themselves through their work.
Find out more by clicking on the link below:-

Scargill Infant School, Havering win ‘Best use of LGfL Services’ award

Staff and children of Scargill Infant School in Mungo Park Road, Rainham were thrilled this week to win the prestigious LGFL award for ‘Best use of LGfL Services’ which was presented at The Mermaid Conference and Event Venue Centre in London on Monday April 30th 2012.

Through a short film the children described and showed the judges how the school uses video conferencing to contact other children in many parts of the world. This has extended their understanding of how children of their own age live and they have learnt to make new friends through this medium.

The way that the school links with universities museums and art galleries resulted in extending the children’s learning. The judges felt that Scargill’s…“video conferencing use throughout the curriculum has been stunning”.

Mrs Kath Keeper, Headteacher explained, “The children and staff find video conferencing an amazing experience and I think the highlight this year so far has been contact with NASA where they showed our school from a satellite in outer space”.

Checkout the video o

The Havering School Improvement Services’ ICT Team were delighted that Scargill Infant School won the award.  Penny Patterson, Senior Inspector – ICT Futures commented, “Scargill Infant School have been great advocates for the use of LGfL Services and their award is richly deserved.  Well done to all involved.”



Havering Video Conferencing Development Group Meeting – 09.02.12

Please find attached details of the forthcoming FACE-TO-FACE Havering Video Conferencing Development Group Meeting hosted at Engayne Primary School.

Highlights include even more opportunities for international links and the forthcoming Havering Olympic Dragons’ Den, as well as a chance to discuss the current position in relation to the development of video conferencing in the light of the new LGfL 2.0 installation…

Date: Thursday 9th February 2012

Time: 4.30pm-6.00pm

Venue: Engayne Primary School, Severn Drive Upminster, RM14 1SW

WHAT NEXT? Please email if you would like to attend.

We have opened the meeting-up to all Havering schools buying into the Hsis School Improvement Packages (Level 1, 2, 3, 3+) who are interested in developing video conferencing across the curriculum.

Click on the following link to view a Video Conferencing Curriculum Map Curriculum Map VC

Visit the LGfL Video Conferencing for Learning website

Visit Mina Patel’s Video Conferencing for Learning website for more information and ideas










The National Archives – Fantastic learning opportunities through video-conferencing

A message for Havering Schools from Rachel Hillman of the National Archives Education Service

If your school is too far away to make a visit to the National Archives, we are able to offer many of our workshops via videoconference (both IP and ISDN). We aim to give students of all ages and abilities (from KS1- KS5), the opportunity to work as real historians with some of the most famous and important original documents in history. Videoconference sessions vary from topics as diverse as the Great Fire of London and the Tudors, to Jack the Ripper and the Rise of National Socialism.

Most of our sessions are led by members of the education service, all of whom are qualified teachers with recent classroom experience. Our ‘special event’ videoconferences, held at specific dates in the year, are led by historical interpreters, who base their characters on thorough historical research from the archives. Examples of these sessions include: a videoconference on the First World War, where pupils are given the opportunity to talk to an actor playing the role of Private Henry Fairhurst from a Pals Battalion; a debate style session that takes your students back in time to 1642, where Puritan Adam Wright and Bishop Richard Hyde discuss the causes of the English Civil Wars, and a workshop that introduces pupils to a member of the government’s Employment Commission of 1842 as he gathers evidence of children’s experiences of working in the mines.

A pack of preparation materials is available for many of our videoconferences, and this can either be downloaded from our website The Learning Curve, or sent to you via post. These packs help to encourage discussion and debate during the session.

A full list of the sessions we offer and further information about the National Archives Education Service can be found at:  

Video-conferencing link for KS3 to the Houses of Parliament

Prison Reform:  Parliament’s role then and now

Click on the link below for informationHouses_of_Parliament_VC_event A new video conferencing programme for schools run by Parliament’s Education Service  As part of a new video conferencing programme offered by the Education Service at the Houses of Parliament, these pilot sessions focus on the issue of Prison Reform in order to bring to life the role of Parliament, both historically and in the present time.  The conferences include the opportunity to talk with a member of the House of Commons or House of Lords.   Set amidst the backdrop of Victorian prison reform, the session is based in 1878 as the government takes control of the prison system.  Your students will meet a Victorian prison governor and a long-time prisoner as they talk about their experiences of life in Pentonville Prison. During the workshop, your group are encouraged to engage with both characters, played by costumed actors, and to ask questions before being led into a debate on the issues surrounding the prison system and its purpose. Students will explore what prison is for and whether it works from both historical and contemporary angles; developments in the prison system and the role played by Parliament in its reform; as well as the future of prisons today. A member of the House of Commons or House of Lords will be invited to conclude the workshop and discuss the role of Parliament in relation to this issue*. A pack of preparation materials will be sent to you in advance of the session, including background information and discussion topics, to help your students prepare their arguments in advance of debating the issues involved. To book, please call the Education Service on 0207 219 2105  Available: 12 May – 23 May 2008Duration: 1 hourCost: free of chargeSuitability: Years 8 and 9 (KS3) *Please be aware that on occasion due to the nature of Parliamentary business, Members of both Houses can be called away at short notice.   Parliament’s Education ServiceParliament’s Education Service works with schools and Members of both Houses of Parliament to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy. It runs a busy visits programme all year round and provides printed and online resources for schools.

Posted by: Dave Smith – HIAS ICT Consultant 

Crownfield Infants connect with Beijing for Breakfast!


At Breakfast Time on Thursday 24th January 2008* pupils at Crownfield Infant School in Collier Row linked-up over the ClickToMeet video-conferencing network with a school in Beijing, China to talk about their schools and respective countries.  Helped by Headteacher Sharon Nacmias, pupils enjoyed talking about London and China, comparing similarities and differences.  This helped enhance the pupils’ speaking and listening skills, as well as having excellent links to Geography and Modern languages, with pupils learning a few phrases in Chinese too.  It was an excellent session.  One pupil commented, “This is really good, I am learning lots about China.”  Another pupil said, “This is great, so much fun.”

To get started with Click To Meet visit the website below – or contact your HIAS link ICT Consultant. 

 *Due to the time difference between England and China.