No More Paper

Don’t forget that you can review, read, download or order DCSF publications online.  To save paper, information isn’t sent to schools unless you have specified that you want to receive it.  You can browse summaries of each document or resource at the online publications for schools website (see link below) Regular email alerts let schools, or others who register, know of publications that are considered useful or essential. You can order publications to be delivered to an address of your choice, or download them direct. Go to and view the step-by-step guide to using the service.

Computing Goes Green!

The EU has announced that the whole of the European public sector will be mandated to buy ICT equipment that meets the US Energy Star logo scheme. The scheme was first created in 1992 and has been updated in 2007 with a new specification for desktop computers. is not limited to energy. Research carried out by printer and ink producer Epson suggests that 60% of ink is thrown away as many printers ask users to discard half-full cartridges. In research carried out the worst offender demanded a replacement after only 40% of the volume had been used. Other models fared better with figures of around 80%. This suggests that printers that use separate cartridges for each colour may be more efficient.