Anderton Tiger Radio App – Download, Listen and Be Engaged!

Russell Prue interviews Havering’s very own radio star Penny Patterson


A dear friend to the Hsis Computing and eSafety Team, Russell Prue has recently launched a new app ‘Anderton Tiger Radio’ broadcasting 24 hours a day to the education community.  Russell tells us all about it here…

“I’ve been broadcasting on the Internet Radio since 2008.  Listeners usually come to the live stream through a link on Twitter or Facebook or initially through a link on my webpage but this isn’t always possible and with the increase of mobile listening I thought it was time to get an App!  My Android App went live last year and just a week ago I submitted my iPhone App to iTunes for approval.  Today, I’m published, there are costs of course each month for us to keep the App live, but our listeners have been asking for it for a year.  Anderton Tiger Radio is live 24hrs a day with a mix of non-stop interviews, student bands and chat about issues affecting education and young people.  The programmed rolling schedule is interrupted for live events and to air student workshops, check out our schedule at   We’re at BETT next year broadcasting from the Toshiba Stand and you’ll be able to listen through the App on your iPhone or Android device.  Download the free App and let us know what you think, there’s always something interesting on the show and you can comment live using the App too.”

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Books, books, books blog

The girls in Years 5 and 6 at the Ursuline Preparatory School have used the We are Bloggers Unit to contribute to a blog on their favourite authors and books. We have been lucky enough to have a visiting author recently and they recorded a podcast with her for the blog.

They have also shared their favourite books in video reviews as well as writing blogs about their favourite reads.

‘We are Bloggers’ is a fantastic way to motivate children to read, as well as talk about their reading with their friends. The unit also is a great opportunity to educate the children about staying safe online by covering  the e safety aspects of ICT at the same time.

Everyone wants to Broadcast live radio workshop

Russell Prue

An interesting Offer from a great friend to the Hsis ICT Team – Russell Prue at Anderton Tiger

“The cost of our Everyone wants to Broadcast live radio workshop has been reduced to just £450* again.  There’s no limit on numbers, so if you have the space, then Russell can deliver the workshop.  This is a whole day workshop and is suitable for all ages and abilities.   Anderton Tiger has the highest satisfaction rating of any workshop on the massively successful comparison website setup by teachers for teachers.

This offer is valid for workshops taking place this term and to guarantee your special rate workshop you will need to purchase your workshop this month.  The workshop fee doesn’t include travel expenses that are charged at theusual rate*, please contact Sarah at for details.”

Full details of this offer can be found at

Podium – Havering Podcasting Network Pilot to support reading in primary schools – Would you like to get involved?

Havering Podcasting Network Launch on Thursday 19th June 2008 at Rainham Village Primary School

Discounted software available to participating schools


As part of a project to develop the effective use of podcasting to support reading in the primary classroom, Softease are offering 6 pilot-schools site-licences of Podium at a discount of between a minimum 15% and a maximum 30% on the normal price (dependent on completion of the project)  Check standard pricing:- 



The pilot schools will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


What does the project involve?

  • A demonstration of how to create podcasts using Podium 
  • Exploration of ideas for the effective implementation of podcasting across the primary curriculum
  • Specific research how podcasting can be used to support pupils’ reading development
  • Sharing of outcomes to further enhance and promote the use of podcasting in education

What will you be expected to do?

  • Attend 3 meetings: One meeting to understand the project aims, receive a copy of the software, and receive initial training – to be held at Rainham Village Primary School on June 19th 2008 (you must be able to attend this meeting). Two meetings to receive additional training and to feedback outcomes/successes
  • Demonstrate effective use of podcasting in your school
  • Share outcomes in your own school
  • Provide feedback on the effective use of podcasting in the primary classroom – possibly to be used in a Podium case-study


  • The pilot project will run between June and December 2008

Sharing outcomes 

The project will be run by Softease in association with the HIAS ICT Team and the feedback will be shared via the ICT in Havering Blog and Primary ICT meetings.  The focus is on developing effective use of podcasting to impact on teaching and learning.


We have also managed to get Doug Dickinson, Podcasting Evangelist to come along for the opening session on the 19th June 2008 


Find out more about the Havering Podcasting Network at


If you are interested please contact by Friday 13th June 2008.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards,


Dave Smith

HIAS ICT Consultant


Podcasting in Garner, North Carolina – USA

David Warlick , Consultant, Author, & Public Speaker, worked with some truly dedicated educators of the Garner Schools, part of Wake County Public schools in Raleigh — to learn all about Podcasting.  The school system is a Windows shop, so they used Audacity for the post production work, and he used Parallels for the first time so that they will see at the front of the room, the same thing that they see on their computers, here and in their schools.Here are some additional materials:



Havering Schools’ Podcasting Network is Go! Come and find out more on 19.06.08

Are you interested in developing podcasting in your school?  Then why not become part of the Havering Schools’ Podcasting Network…

Visit the new Havering Schools’ Podcasting Network blog…

Join Dave Smith HIAS ICT Consultant to examine how Podium podcasting software can be used in your school.

The course focuses on the use of sound to enhance and extend learning experiences for pupils regardless of the setting or curriculum focus. It will explore the use of Podium software to create Radio plays/programmes and broadcasts (for the web or otherwise). The course will also focus on the Podcasting element within the renewed framework for Literacy.

Date: Thursday 19th June 2008  Time: 4.30-6.00  Venue: Rainham Village Primary School

Please note that there is also an afternoon Podcasting session at CEME on 22.05.08 – we are trying to provide additional opportunities for schools to attend at different times.

Please sign-up via the HIAS Online CPD Course Booking System

Poetry Podcasting Ideas


 Childrens’ PoetryAt the English Subject Leaders’ Conference today we had Andrew Motion the Poet Laureate as the guest speaker.  He has set up a website which has a great search engine for poets and poems. It has a fab glossary of poetry and literary terms such as metaphor and simile with recorded examples you can play to the children – great for inspiring Podcasting.  Also there are recordings of poets etc.   Listen to Roald Dahl reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’ here: There are biographies of poets and all sorts of fab stuff  – CHECK IT OUT!

Nicky Wyman – Subject Leader for English – Engayne Primary School

Podcasting using Podium

Click to see a preview of the Podium interface

At the November 2007 ICT Co-ordinators’ Meeting we explored how Podium can be used to used to create a variety of audio files.  Pupils can create audio files, upload the files to the Internet and listen to it through iTunes or save them to the Podcasting area on LGfL – Listen to our demonstration podcast entitled ‘Test Podcast’.  You can then subscribe to the Havering podcast by copying the following hyperlink and pasting it into your favourite podcast player (e.g. iTunes)

To find out more about Podium and more hints and tips about Podcasting visit to download a free trial copy or go to TAG Learning to purchase the software

The PowerPoint from the November ICT Co-ordinators’ Meeting has ideas for how Podcasting can be embedded across the curriculum.

The HIAS ICT Team are available to help with the implementation of Podcasting in schools.  Please contact Amanda Jackson, Dave Smith or Nesha Sadheura for details.  

A Podcasting course will be held on Wednesday 27th February 2008 – 1pm-4pm at The Havering Learning and Development Centre at CEME.  Please visit the HIAS Online Course Booking System to book a place – click on the link below: