Ofsted and Switched on Computing

At the launch event for the BCS Barefoot Computing project, HMI David Brown (as photographed by Zoe Ross), Ofsted’s national lead for computing, gave an excellent presentation, setting out his views on what good and outstanding computing would look like in schools.

David Brown

Rising Stars‘ Naomi Watson and Miles Berry have since gone through David’s bullet points to assess how well Switched on Computing matches up to the job of supporting teachers and schools in meeting these expectations.

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Make the most of Parent View – A case study from Broadford Primary School, Havering LA






Parent View is an online facility launched by Ofsted in October 2011 that allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time of the school year. The questionnaire is also the main mechanism for parents to give their views to inspectors about their child’s school at the time of a school inspection.

The questionnaire can be accessed directly at http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk or from the home page of Ofsted’s website www.ofsted.gov.uk.

The following case study is an example of how Parent View has been used effectively at Broadford Primary, London Borough of Havering…

Broadford is a large primary school with more than 300 pupils. At its most recent inspection in March 2012, the school was judged to be satisfactory, which is an improvement from 2008, when it was placed in special measures.

The school leaders describe their experience of using Parent View as a ‘remarkable success’. They work hard on a regular basis to get feedback on the school’s performance by running multiple parent surveys every year in which the class that gains the highest number of responses wins a prize.

Ahead of one parents’ evening, the school contacted Ofsted for multiple guest logins for parents to provide feedback through the Parent View site. They printed out details of logins for each parent on credit card sized slips. Prefects from across the school were trained in how to use Parent View and encouraged to proactively approach parents to complete the questions on the site. Each parent who used Parent View at the school was entered into a lucky dip, and prizes, including vouchers for local shops, were handed out to the children. Over a number of parents’ evenings, the school generated 121 individual responses.

The headteacher, Malcolm Drakes, is very positive about Parent View. In particular, he finds it useful to be able to track the number of responses and measure improvement over time. At their latest parents evening, 100% of those who used Parent View were happy with the school and 96% said they would recommend the school to others. Interestingly, although 74% of parents thought the school dealt well with bullying, 20% did not know what the school bullying policy was. This has led the school to take action to make this clearer.

The school has been contacted by other schools in the area and is working with them to develop proactive plans to increase the feedback they receive via Parent View.

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ICT in primary and secondary schools: Ofsted’s findings 2005-2007

http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/assets/Internet_Content/Shared_Content/Files/2008/jan/ict_bett08lflt.pdf Since September 2005 Ofsted has selected a total sample of 60 primary and 60 secondary schools for the annual ICT subject survey. Primary schools were visited for one day …

You can read the report yourself by clicking here and downloading the handy and readable PDF