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Russell Prue interviews Havering’s very own radio star Penny Patterson


A dear friend to the Hsis Computing and eSafety Team, Russell Prue has recently launched a new app ‘Anderton Tiger Radio’ broadcasting 24 hours a day to the education community.  Russell tells us all about it here…

“I’ve been broadcasting on the Internet Radio since 2008.  Listeners usually come to the live stream through a link on Twitter or Facebook or initially through a link on my webpage but this isn’t always possible and with the increase of mobile listening I thought it was time to get an App!  My Android App went live last year and just a week ago I submitted my iPhone App to iTunes for approval.  Today, I’m published, there are costs of course each month for us to keep the App live, but our listeners have been asking for it for a year.  Anderton Tiger Radio is live 24hrs a day with a mix of non-stop interviews, student bands and chat about issues affecting education and young people.  The programmed rolling schedule is interrupted for live events and to air student workshops, check out our schedule at   We’re at BETT next year broadcasting from the Toshiba Stand and you’ll be able to listen through the App on your iPhone or Android device.  Download the free App and let us know what you think, there’s always something interesting on the show and you can comment live using the App too.”

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Innovative programme embeds ICT across all subjects

A  great article from Nigel Hooton, ICT Leader/Teacher at St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Romford…

An innovative programme embeds ICT across all subjects

You may recall how Harold, in Crockett Johnson’s popular children’s story Harold and the Purple Crayon, decides in his search for excitement and adventure to go for a walk in the moonlight. Armed with an oversized purple crayon, he is able to create and explore a new, exhilarating world.

In the same way as the purple crayon is a catalyst for Harold’s imagination and sense of adventure, our new ICT curriculum in London Borough of Havering has inspired pupils to immerse themselves in the possibilities offered by today’s technology.

A year before education secretary Michael Gove put the “dull and unsatisfactory” ICT curriculum on hold, a group led by Havering School Improvement Services’ ICT team had already started work on a dynamic programme of study. The new curriculum, known as Switched on ICT, was designed to help develop the skills our pupils are likely to need in the future.

Read the article in full here…

Embedding ICT in Schools – Why not RiskIT?

Visiting the Naace Conference in Leicester last week, Dave Smith Hsis ICT Adviser was interested in the approach to embedding ICT in a secondary school adopted by Mr A. Benjeddi, ICT Strategy Leader at Northfleet School for Girls in Kent.

Here Mr Benjeddi explains his idea of a ‘RiskIT©’ week…

“Just over 4 years ago I attended an ICT Conference where practitioners share innovative ideas.  At the end of one of the sessions I “privately” asked the speaker, “How many teachers in your school are doing what you have talked about?”  He said: “Only me.”  Why?  What this teacher is doing in his school is brilliant, why is nobody buying into the idea?  What is the purpose in him doing this session on behalf of his school if they themselves are not doing what they say?!

I have been teaching/coordinating ICT for about 15 years and I have been having the same problem as this teacher: how can I make “All” my teachers use ICT with students?  Reasons vary with schools, but the heart of the problem is: confidence and fear of failure. Teachers do not like to be labelled as “bad” teachers and loose control of their students.

This is until I came up with the idea of RiskIT Week© about four years ago. So what is RiskIT Week©?…”

Read the whole article here…



What’s on LGfL – Primary Content

LGfL, as a consortium of the 33 London authorities, procures content. Sometimes we buy existing software; sometimes software is commissioned for London. The attached documents give a summary of this premium software. All is available to every Havering school. Some titles are additionally accessible at home using LGfL log in to access. The advantage of using this software is it all runs on the internet, nothing has to be installed on laptops or school servers.

What’s on LGfL for Primary – Spring 2008 

LGfL Content Update April 2008