Grid Lens – First Look and Play

Another interesting blogpost from Anthony Evans…

My app of the week – if I have such a thing, is Grid Lens  I love the  quirky design and what it does which is both simple and brilliant.  On my walls I have lots of composite photo  frames of my children in different poses.  This app essentially creates these for you.

You can either do this manually frame by frame or set the camera to burst shoot the images with a short pause in-between.  You can see some of my results (in the full article) using an iPod Touch, but of course this would work equally well and indeed be easier to manipulate on an iPad.

Read the article in full here…

Artisancam – Edward Bawden’s London Underground Posters

Artisancam – a partner of the regional grids, including LGfL has developed materials based on the work of Edward Bawden who designed posters using lino-cut in the 30s and 40s, his work featured on London Underground posters of the time that are now design classics. 

Optical Illusion – A good stimulus for online discussion

Sometimes you get a www that reminds you that the internet offers a media that really wasn’t available with the printed page, TV and film…

My own children summed this up as ‘cool beans’!

Penny Patterson – HIAS General Inspector ICT

Thanks Penny, I loved this…  

I was thinking how it could be used in class… 

Curriculum Application – Speaking and Listening/Writing/Art and Design/ICT:Try this with a class to see what they think (be careful if any pupils have photo-sensitive epilepsy).  Can the pupils explain what is happening?  Put it on your class blogs, school websites, the MLE etc and it could spark a good online written discussion.

Dave Smith – HIAS ICT Consultant

John Pugh reports from PhotoshopWorld – Orlando, Florida USA


Photoshop has never been easier to try.  Coming to you direct from PhotoshopWorld at the Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando.  

You’ve heard about Adobe Photoshop? Have you seen the price? Want to use it for FREE? Well then get on over to
Advanced degree not required.

Intimidated by lots of buttons, menus, and palettes? Just say whew! At Photoshop Express, turning a quickly snapped camera phone shot into a shareworthy photo is a piece of cake.

Amplify your image
Do what you want with your photos. Give them cartoon colors. Distort them. Go nuts. Turn average photos into jaw droppers with options like Pop Color, Sketch, Hue, Black & White, Tint, and more.

Got thousands of photos buried deep in folders on your computer? Give them a real home, absolutely free, at Photoshop Express. All it takes is a quick registration and you can store, tweak, polish, and show off up to 2GB of photos.


John Pugh – Former HIAS ICT Consultant on tour

Free photos of Havering and London on the National Education Network

John Pugh  (former HIAS ICT Consultant) has kindly uploaded a range of photographs of areas across Havering to the National Education Network.  Click on the link above…

There is also a set of photographs of the ICT archive held at CEME – so, if you are looking at how technology has changed then there are images here too – that can be added to PowerPoints, digital videos, Word documents etc.

Additionally, there are photos of London at 

Thanks John.