Free Havering Apple iLearning Festival – Wednesday 8th July 2015

Want to make better use of iPads and Apple technology to support teaching and learning?

On Wednesday 8th July 2015 the Havering Apple RTC Management Board are running, for a second year, a free iLearning Festival at CEME Conference Centre.

Following the same format as last year there are 2 sessions to choose from; afternoon (12.30 – 4pm) and evening (4 – 7.30pm). Each session will commence with registration and include presentations from Mark Jones, the Principal of Belmont Castle (Primary) Academy and Apple Distinguished Educator (Julian Coultas), followed by a series of workshops delivered by the Havering Apple Regional Training Centre Management Team.

Please see the flyer for full details.

To register for the event please email delegate name(s) and school to

Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies

As technology evolves we are ever more reliant on the use of handheld and mobile devices, yet what do we know about their impact on learning? While there is a lot of interest in mobile technology, many schools still aren’t sure how to best use it for learning and teaching. 

Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies by John Galloway, Merlin John and Maureen McTaggart shows the changes that are taking place within schools as a direct result of these emerging technologies, and contains case studies with accounts of best practice in a variety of settings including primary, secondary, and special schools, and learning beyond their boundaries. The book also explores themes of pedagogy, communication and affordances, collaborative learning, individual creativity and expression, self-directed and informal learning and outdoor education. 

For more information about the book and the authors please see their Learning With Mobile and Handheld Technlogies flyer. 

To order your copy and receive 20% off please visit before 31st December 2015.

Collaboration Through Technology is at the Heart of Improvement at Benhurst Primary School

When Ofsted evaluated Benhurst Primary School as “requiring improvement” in 2012, it was widely recognized that the school needed a change of direction.

Head teacher David Denchfield and the leadership team began work in 2013 to bring forward a new plan – a clear vision that would raise standards but also embrace their diverse learning community, awaken the passions and interests of children and create learning with a sense of fun. “In 2013, Benhurst did not have a sufficiently adequate ICT provision which enhanced the quality of teaching and move learning forward. We developed a three-year vision for our school to ensure we maximized every opportunity for our children and staff,” outlined Mr. Denchfield.

What are the top priorities for Benhurst?

  • Enhanced, extended cross-curricular learning for sustained, accelerated progress
  • A wide range of technologies embedded in classrooms, both new and established
  • High quality skills-based curriculum to ensure success for all
  • Relevant ICT knowledge imparted for life skills, including computing and coding skills
  • Responsible users of ICT, in particular the Internet
  • Continued high quality staff CPD
  • Fun, engaging and inclusive learning!

Central to the vision was an “open door” culture to provide parents with a greater understanding of their child’s education. They wanted to better engage learners and cultivate a deeper trust in the activities at school – a true learning community.

“We redesigned and launched the school website which provides relevant and up-to-date information for our children, parents and wider community. In April 2014, Benhurst started a Twitter account to showcase our children’s excellent work and provide an informal method of communicating with our stakeholders. Last month, we also opened a You Tube account which we use to demonstrate key mathematical strategies. This has proved very popular and we plan to develop this further this year and introduce new subjects to support our parents and children at home.” – David Denchfield

The school’s culture is now more collaborative, where children take greater ownership over their learning, with the focus on facilitating cross-curricular, question-based learning – working towards individual goals within the framework of the National Curriculum.

The focus of the ICT program is aligned to the new school philosophy. They employ a mix front of room technology (interactive projectors) and a school supply of 32 iPads. There are also six laptops per classroom dedicated for children’s use and the school also recently implemented Google Apps for Education.

Teacher Stella McCarthy agreed to pilot SMART amp software which leverages Google Cloud Services and empowers pupils to collaborate with devices in self-directed, peer-collaborative spaces. Early lessons during the pilot have focused on brainstorms, collaborative writing and validating statements with child-friendly research resources at the ready.

To find out what Stella discovered and the year 3 children in her class thought please read the full article.

QuickStart Computing

Computing At School has produced a new resource to help primary and secondary teachers in England get to grips with the new computing curriculum which was introduced in September. Funded by Microsoft and the Department for Education, QuickStart Computing is a comprehensive, national programme designed to help primary and secondary teachers to plan, teach and assess this brand new subject.

QuickStart Computing is a free CPD toolkit designed to help teachers to develop and run successful CPD in their school or cluster. All primary and secondary schools have access to QuickStart Computing online and 40,000 free hard copies will be distributed through Computing At School.

Miles Berry QuickStart Computing

‘Miles Berry – writer of QuickStart Computing (and Switched on Computing)’

The QuickStart website launches next week and will include downloadable versions of the full teachers’ handbook, and lots of additional resources including links to useful sites, online videos and interactive tools.

For more information visit:


Havering Apple iLearning Festival – Tuesday 10th June 2014

Apple RTC Logo



Havering Apple Regional Training Centre


Havering Apple iLearning Festival


Tuesday 10th June 2014

12.30pm – 4.00pm or 4.00pm – 7.30pm

(Content repeated)

CEME Conference Centre

 Marsh Way, Rainham, Essex

Cost: FREE

Want to make better use of iPads and Apple technology to support teaching and learning? 

Searching for practical ideas and advice from school staff, pupils/students, a serving head teacher, Apple Distinguished Educators, Apple technical specialists and Local Authority advisers?

Looking to close the attainment gap?

Need to enhance provision for SMSC?

If the answer is ‘YES!’  Sign-up now to guarantee a place.

NB. Entrance by ticket only

Please note tickets are limited to 5 per school per session.

What will the conference include?

Each session commences with registration and includes presentations from Nathan Lowe, the Headteacher of Flitch Green Academy, Apple Distinguished Educator (Andrew Goodgame), followed by a series of workshops delivered by the Havering Apple Regional Training Centre Management Team and Clockhouse Primary School  – including pupils, teaching staff, local authority computing and ICT advisory team members, Apple technical specialists and more…

Please see the Havering Apple iLearning Festival v2 for full details.

The centre has free parking and refreshments will be provided.

How to register?

To register for the event please visit Eventbrite and search for the event using the search term ‘Havering Apple iLearning Festival’.   Alternatively, click on the following link:-

For any questions regarding the event please email

Please feel free to promote the event via the hashtag #havapple14

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Kind Regards,

The Havering Apple Regional Training Centre Management Board

What is the Havering Apple Regional Training Centre?

The Havering Apple Regional Training Centre is a partnership between Elm Park Primary School, Engayne Primary School, Havering School Improvement Services (Hsis), Hylands Primary School, Scargill Junior School, The Brittons Academy and Toucan Computing Limited.

Why should you employ digital leaders?

‘Consider the rapid change in technology over the last 20 years; schools may just feel like they’re getting to grips with one aspect of technology when another emerges. The change from ICT to a new computing curriculum does not alter the fact that children need to experience and use a wide range of technology to support, extend and transform their learning. Schools that rely solely on the ICT coordinator are in danger of falling behind if that person leaves, therefore a more sustainable approach is necessary. Digital leaders are one solution.’

Rising Stars, Getting started with digital leaders: a practical guide

View the guide via the following link:

How to teach the new Programme of Study with confidence

Teachers and schools in England agonising how they are going to teach computing to their pupils from September 2014 now have the option to buy a complete curriculum package, thanks to Rising Stars Education, written by Miles Berry.

Launched at the Education Show in Birmingham, the managing director and founder of Rising Stars, Andrea Carr told an audience that she was delighted with the new scheme, thanking the efforts of her team and the author. Dave Smith, and curriculum advisor at London’s Havering Borough commented,
‘Technology continues to be a massive growth industry worldwide and it’s crucial that we make sure ’s existing familiarity with Computer is underpinned by a solid understanding of the practical applications of technology. Switched on Computing provides primary school teachers, who may not be entirely comfortable teaching many of the aspect of the new of Study, with a well-structured range of dynamic activities and a comprehensive list of topics with open source (free) or existing software. Switched on Computing enriches ICT education by the most affordable yet innovative means possible.’
The Key Stage 1 and 2 cover all the computing curriculum requirements, being split into activities and challenges for each year group within the primary setting. The teachers’ pack provides support for all levels of experience with software demos and detailed step-by-step planning. It also embeds e-safety to ensure safe and responsible use of .
For further details and to explore the contents for each year group please visit 

Narrowing the Achievement Gap using iPads

Dave Smith, Hsis Computing and ICT Adviser, and Steve Bonnick of Toucan Computing will be exploring practical ideas for using iPads to support pupils’ learning across the curriculum to help narrow the achievement gap on Thursday 3rd April, 4.15 – 5.45pm at CEME.

For further details please view the flyer.

For Havering School Improvement Services Package 1 and 3 buyers please book places through the new Havering Education Services booking system  using the course code Hsis-0414-T004.

For Package 2 and non-package buyers, please email the CPD Administrator Lizzy Shrimpton at  stating your name and school.