Overcoming the Fear Factor of the New Curriculum – Chris Speller of Elm Park Primary School, Havering shares his thoughts…

Chris SpellerI stared out to a sea of blank faces. Having shared the new ‘National Curriculum’ for computing during our weekly staff meeting, it suddenly dawned on me that we had a lot of work to do!

As a school, we would say we were very confident using ICT. As big Apple users, we are part of our local ‘Apple Regional Training Center (RTC)’, hosting CPD courses and providing support for other schools in being innovative with computing. We regularly apply and take part in local authority projects, and we enjoy sharing our practice with other schools to help them develop their provision… but was the new curriculum a step too far for some of our staff? Was teaching a subject that they had never taught before, and moreover one that we had not even been taught ourselves, asking for too much?

For my ICT team and I, we never like to fail a challenge. So we started from the very beginning- a very good place to start! The first thing we did was rename the subject ‘computing’; it may sound simple, but it changed both the staff and the children’s perception from ‘let’s make another PowerPoint’ to something that was really quite different. But then we had to think about what ‘computing’ would actually look like in our school and throughout the curriculum.

At our local authority networking meetings, we had heard about ‘Switched on Computing’, a new scheme of work to support schools in developing the new Curriculum. We offered to trial it as a school in its pre-publication stage, as we always love to give our opinion on new things! We ran the same unit throughout the school creating ‘Scratch’ animations based on our topic work. Staff were given lots of support by our ICT technician and ICT HLTA, with some asking them to take the lead and some having them there for moral support, and off they went.

Well, ‘what happened next?’ I hear you say! There was an amazing buzz throughout the school. Children were excited about the animations they had made, with siblings asking each other what they had done. Children were going home, downloading the program, creating their own animations, and coming into class as ‘Scratch’ experts the next week.

Our ‘Digital Leaders’ (an extra-curricular club, made up of children who are highlighted as talented in ICT) had sneaky sessions on it before it was taught in class so they could be the ‘experts’. This allowed them to support the other children (and more importantly the teachers) in showing the best ways to use the program. Maybe the biggest result was that our staff actually saw all of the long curriculum jargon, which they thought they could never see their kids achieving in class, actually happening. Children were using words like ‘sequencing’ and ‘algorithms’ and they actually knew what they meant! We were so impressed that we not only sent copies of the work back to Rising Stars, who created ‘Switched on Computing’, to say ‘It actually works!’, but partnered with a school in Greece to share the animations that we had made. And as one teacher put it… ‘It was all surprisingly achievable after all!’

So, maybe the future does look bright for ‘computing’ at our school. We are sure it won’t be easy, with all our staff having to learn to become networkers, programmers and debugging experts, but we know with a solid curriculum map and scheme of work behind us, we are excited to see the new generation of ‘computer scientists’ raise up from our midst. Also, it wouldn’t happen without an invaluable support team, making sure the software is installed, the computers are booked out and ready and taking that extra time to understand the programs in detail. Once the kids naturally get the hang of this, who knows what the curriculum will move on to look like in the future!

Chris Speller
Senior Teaching & Learning Leader – Elm Park Primary School

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Reasons to be Optimistic About the New Curriculum by Caroline Wright

The good news is that the funding certainly appears to be in place to back these needs.

The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) works with Government, suppliers and schools to deliver quality in education services and resources in the UK and abroad. A year on from Bett 2013 Caroline Wright, Director at BESA, takes a look at the state of the sector and examines the broader implications of the current changes.

It would be hard for any teacher to have missed the new curriculum changes. For primary schools, 2013/14 is a year of transformation before the new curriculum comes into effect from September 2014. Adapting to the new skills that are required to teach a modern foreign language, computer science coding, grammar, punctuation and spelling and even reciting poetry will be a hurdle for all to cross.

Equally, secondary schools are being met with reformed GCSE course content. The changes will be applied to English and maths first, followed by sciences, history and geography – and then others will follow.

Many teachers are turning to technology to assist their new teaching.

The need to adequately support the new knowledge and skills dictated by the curriculum is currently resulting in an urgent investment in technology; not forgetting published schemes of work, text books and learning support material, and of course resources needed to raise the skill level of teachers.

The good news is that the funding certainly appears to be in place to back these needs.

Our regular ‘Education Market Performance Outlook’ survey of primary and secondary schools that explores changes in the spending plans of schools is now showing a rise in expenditure in all areas, particularly ICT. Spending in 2013/14 was projected by schools to increase by 2.7 per cent.

It is certainly heartening for our education sector and the economy that these findings show a positive and optimistic outlook by both schools and suppliers.

UK schools have led the world in embedding technology into the learning environment and our schools now have the experience to invest wisely to optimise the value of this technology. Wise procurement includes evaluating all available products to ensure you have invested in the right one for your specific needs, checking the service costs such as warranty and support and negotiating the price. These can all be carried out efficiently and effectively in one day at Bett. We will be managing the BESA information point at the show and look forward to welcoming any visitors looking for advice on finding specific products or suppliers. We look forward to seeing you there.

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