Elm Park Primary School go green (screen)

Taken from the Elm Park Primary School blog…

“During the Easter holiday, Mrs Knox, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Sale, Mr Parr and myself (Mrs Woods) attended an Apple training course. We managed to learn lot of new applications on the Apple Macs that we will be able to bring back to the classrooms at Elm Park Primary. Some of the classes we attended included looking at using i-pod touches in the classroom, music mixing on Garageband, making web pages and DVD’s and new animation techniques. One of our favourite classes was one where we learnt ‘green screening’ techniques. For a explanation of green screening go to


A simple explanation of Green screening is where you literally stand in front of a blank green screen and make your film. You must be careful however not to wear green as after editing, anything green will become transparent (see through or invisible). You can then add any image onto the background, for example a picture of Paris, and it will look like you are in Paris!

We took this idea and wondered what would happen to Kermit the Frog if he stood in front of a green screen….because after all, he can’t help but be green!”

Watch the video here…


Scratch – A free programming tool that allows the creation of animated stories, video games and interactive artwork

A free programming tool that allows anyone to create their own animated stories, video games and interactive artworks has been developed.

Primarily aimed at children, Scratch does not require prior knowledge of complex computer languages.

Instead, it uses a simple graphical interface that allows programs to be assembled like building blocks.

The digital toolkit, developed in the US at MIT’s Media Lab, allows people to blend images, sound and video.

“Computer programming has been traditionally seen as something that is beyond most people – it’s only for a special group with technical expertise and experience,” said Professor Mitchel Resnick, one of the researchers at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT.

“We have developed Scratch as a new type of programming language, which is much more accessible.”  

Read all about Scratch and see how easy it is to use


Download Scratch for free


Find out how to use Scratch


If you are interested in using it with pupils please tell your HIAS ICT Team, we would love to hear from you.


Tablet PC animation software launched

Tablet PC animation software launched

The University of Washington human computer interaction and design centre have launched a new, simple to use animation application for Tablet PCs. Making use of the touch sensitive screens used in Tablet PCs, K-Sketch allows users to draw simple pictures and then create motion paths to create animations. The freeware application is intended to aid presentation and education by allowing presenters to quickly create simple rough animated explanations of concepts in response to questions.http://www.cs.washington.edu/