Benhurst Primary’s Stella McCarthy shares exemplary practice at SMART HQ in Canada

SMART Exemplary Educators (SEE) Summit 2015

I was highlSMART Summity delighted and honoured when I was invited to attend the SMART SEE Summit 2015 in Calgary, Canada from the 18th to the 26th July.

As a teacher I never expected to be travelling to other countries for CPD. I arrived in Calgary on the 18th July and met some wonderful Smart Exemplary Educators (SEE’s) from all over Europe. We spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the SAIT Polytechnic Campus and Calgary. On Sunday evening we were joined by SEE’s from America. This completed a group of 77 SEE’s from 22 different countries.

Naturally Inquire

On Monday morning the SEE Summit really began. Greg Estell. SMART’s President of Education welcomed all the SEE’s to the Summit. I could instantly feel the passion that SMART has for education. They are such a large global organisation, yet they listen so intently to their users and most importantly they want their products to collaboratively inspire learners of all ages.

Naturally Innovative

During the week we took part in many different sessions such as Trends in Education, Reflections of SMART amp, SMART Kapp in Education and SMART Notebook 15.1. The second day was truly amazing we all went to the SMART Headquarters. I cannot say too much about this day as lots of it was covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Needless to say the Headquarters and the activities were phenomenal.

There were so many amazing things discussed and demonstrated throughout this week. SMART are very well known for their SMART Boards but there is so much more that they have to offer to the world of education. It is the software for example; SMART amp, SMART Notebook, SMART Kapp and SMART Response which make a huge difference to teaching and learning. I use these regularly in my teaching and they really do inspire natural, collaborative, innovative learning.

The Summit was truly motivating and inspirational; I learnt so much and met so many amazing educators.

By Stella McCarthy: Class Teacher, Computing Coordinator, SMART Exemplary Educator and SMART amp Champ; Benhurst Primary School, London Borough of Havering. @BenhurstPrimary

“Well done Stella!  You are a real asset to Benhurst, Havering and the UK.”  Havering Education Services’ Computing and Online Safety Team.

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