Minimentor presentation at La Salette Primary School – sign-up now

Minimentor presentation at La Salette Primary School – 26th April 2012 – 4pm

Click on the links below for the invitation and fax back sheets –

Invitation to MiniMentors Presentation at La Salette RC Primary School

MiniMentors Presentation Fax Back Sheet (Havering)

Hsis and the Havering LSCB have identified peer support as being one of the strongest esafety measures and more than 66% of Havering Secondary schools have run the BeatBullying Cybermentors programme.

La Salette is trialling the BeatBullying Minimentor programme and there is an opportunity for you to attend a feedback session. La Salette, like many schools, is managing cyberbullying which happens outside school, including bullying involving parents. In esafety sessions the children at La Salette said they wanted to feel more in control, they wanted to talk to adults and each other about bullying and other worries. Recent media coverage and documentaries have shown how the step of seeking help and taking control is the point at which a victim begins to feel better.

The most serious esafety cases in Havering all had a point where a young person recognised something was not OK, but they did not feel they could talk to anyone. We know we always promote ‘talk to a trusted adult’, but in reality children and young people are far more likely to seek support from their peers. Minimentors and Cybermentors train young people to be that listening ear.

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