Embedding ICT in Schools – Why not RiskIT?

Visiting the Naace Conference in Leicester last week, Dave Smith Hsis ICT Adviser was interested in the approach to embedding ICT in a secondary school adopted by Mr A. Benjeddi, ICT Strategy Leader at Northfleet School for Girls in Kent.

Here Mr Benjeddi explains his idea of a ‘RiskIT©’ week…

“Just over 4 years ago I attended an ICT Conference where practitioners share innovative ideas.  At the end of one of the sessions I “privately” asked the speaker, “How many teachers in your school are doing what you have talked about?”  He said: “Only me.”  Why?  What this teacher is doing in his school is brilliant, why is nobody buying into the idea?  What is the purpose in him doing this session on behalf of his school if they themselves are not doing what they say?!

I have been teaching/coordinating ICT for about 15 years and I have been having the same problem as this teacher: how can I make “All” my teachers use ICT with students?  Reasons vary with schools, but the heart of the problem is: confidence and fear of failure. Teachers do not like to be labelled as “bad” teachers and loose control of their students.

This is until I came up with the idea of RiskIT Week© about four years ago. So what is RiskIT Week©?…”

Read the whole article here… http://benjeddi-ict.blogspot.com/2012/03/risk-it-week.html



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