MLE Champion Schools – Find out what others are doing…

Sharing is a great way to learn from others, finding out what other schools do can help spark creativity in unexpected ways for pupils, parents and teachers!  Fronter MLE Champion schools feel the same way, that’s why they want to share their ideas with you. Things which have not only motivated parents to get involved but really encouraged learning in their schools. So they’re flinging open their doors to welcome you to find out more. You can access rooms and even attend ‘Show and Tell’ events. Listen to some great top tips, chat with colleagues and meet new friends all over a cuppa – sounds good doesn’t it! PS. Don’t forget it can go towards your CPD records too!  Of course learning is a two way thing, so if you have a story to tell around how you use Fronter, why not tell them. They’d love to share your story with others

Click the following for more information on the MLE Champion Schools

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