Switched On ICT Key Stage One Unit titles revealed

Key Stage 1 will be published in the Autumn.

In response to the demand for further information about the KS1 resources for Switched on ICT, we are very pleased to release the Year 1 and Year 2 unit titles!

1.1 – We are celebrating
1.2 – We are storytellers
1.3 – We are treasure hunters
1.4 – We are chefs
1.5 – We are sports coaches
1.6 – We are farmers
2.1 – We are travel agents
2.2 – We are builders
2.3 – We are journalists
2.4 – We are time travellers
2.5 – We are inventors
2.6 – We are zoologists

For more information on Switched On ICT please visit: http://www.risingstars-uk.com/series/switched-on-ict/We are always happy to receive feedback on our content, so please Email Rising Stars if you have any thoughts on these unit titles.

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